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Photo of the Wisshorn
Wisshorn and avalanche barriers

Elevation 2,936m9,632.546 ft
1.824 miles
Location Valais, Switzerland
Range Pennine Alps
Massif Weisshorn Group
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DMS Coor. 46°053´637"N, 7°736´392"E
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[edit] General information

Wisshorn mountain rises up from the town of Zermatt. It is located at the north side of the town, like; Mettelhorn and Platthorn mountains. It is an easy mountain and can be walked up during the summer months following the Edelweiss path. On the top of the mountain are avalanche barriers protecting Zermatt from icy winters, otherwise it is covered by soil. Views towards, Gornergrat ridge, Monte Rosa massif, Savoy Alps and Weisshorn are excellent. One can also see down to town of Zermatt.

[edit] Routes

The most popular route starts from Zermatt, but there is also a route coming from the south east side, connecting to path which starts from Zermatt. On the route is one pension and one hotel, where one can also eat.

[edit] Southern route

This route starts at the north side of the Zermatt town following the Edelweiss path. One starts ascending a few streets before reaching the Edelweiss path. There is sign on the main street showing direction towards the path. One can also ask in the Tourist Information or in the Alpine Center. After a meadow one passes old timber houses and starts to go into a canyon. One will go over a walking bridge when nearing a waterfall. From here starts also a forest section giving some shelter from the sun. After one hour one will see the famous Pension Edelweiss, where many famous climbers have stayed. It takes roughly one more hour to reach the Hotel Trift following up a canyon. Now one will turn towards south east, almost returning, but going on the other side of the canyon. Path is easy to follow and there is almost any difficulties, except seasonal like snow. When nearing the top another path becomes visible at the south side. This path is part of the path net going from Zermatt towards Weisshorn. One should turn towards left and walk between avalanche barriers. After about two hours have gone from the Hotel Trift, one arrives on the top of the Wisshorn mountain. Descending down is as easy as it was going up, but it will naturally go quicker.

[edit] Additional photos

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