Swiss Prealps

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Swiss Prealps
Schweizerische Voralpen (de)
Préalpes Suisses (fr)

Photo of the Swiss Prealps
View on the Churfirsten Group, a famous chain in the Swiss Prealps

Part of Western European Alps
Continent Europe
Location Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland
Appenzell Innerrhoden, Switzerland
Berne (canton), Switzerland
Fribourg (canton), Switzerland
Glarus (canton), Switzerland
Luzern (canton), Switzerland
Nidwalden, Switzerland
Obwalden, Switzerland
Sankt Gallen (canton), Switzerland
Schwyz (canton), Switzerland
Uri, Switzerland
Vaud, Switzerland
Zug (canton), Switzerland
Highest Point Schilthorn ()

Map of the Swiss Prealps
Swiss Prealps located in the Western European Alps

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The Swiss Prealps (German: Schweizerische Voralpen, French: Préalpes Suisses) are the northernmost section of the Western Alps. The Swiss Prealps are relatively large and span roughly half the cantons of Switzerland.

The Swiss Prealps are typically subdivided based on the geographical location

  • Vaud and Fribourg Prealps
  • Bernese Prealps
  • Lucerne and Unterwaldner Prealps
  • Schwyz Prealps
  • Appenzell Alps
    • Alpstein, central group, highest summit: Altmann, 2,435 m
    • Alpstein, northern group, highest summit: Säntis, 2,502 m
    • Alpstein, southern group, highest summit: Roslen- or Saxerfirst, 2,151 m
    • Alviergruppe, highest summit: Gamsberg, 2,385 m
    • Churfirsten, highest summit: Hinterrugg, 2,306 m
    • Speer - Mattstock, highest summit: Speer, 1,950 m
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