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Piz Morteratsch

Photo of the Piz Morteratsch
Piz Morteratsch from the N side

Elevation 3,751 m12,306.43 ft
2.331 miles
Location Graubünden, Switzerland
Massif Piz Bernina Group
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DMS Coor. 46°24´10"N, 9°54´07"E
Swiss Coor. 789375 / 141986
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Piz Bernina
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Topo. Map SLK 1277: Piz Bernina
Easiest Route Rating F F
Piz Morteratsch (Switzerland )
Piz Morteratsch
Piz Morteratsch

[edit] General information

Piz Morteratsch (3,751 m) is a mountain in the Bernina Range in Switzerland. It is bordered on the east by the Morteratsch Glacier and on the south-west by the Tschierva Glacier.

One of the easiest mountains in the range to climb, the normal route follows that taken by the first ascentionists C. Brügger and P. Gensler with guides Karl Emmermann and Angelo Klaingutti on 11 September 1858. Three of its ridges present greater difficulties and are highly regarded:

  • South-south-east ridge (D/D+), first ascent P. J. H. Unna with guides, 1903
  • East-north-east ridge (AD), first ascent of complete ridge, Paul Schucan and A. Pfister, 10 October, 1908 (the upper section had been climbed by Max Schintz with guides Alois and Josef Pollinger in August 1892)
  • South-west ridge, (AD), first ascent by T. H. Philpott and Mrs Philpott with guides Peter Jenny and Alexander Fleury in September 1868
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