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Obwald (fr)

Map of Obwalden
Location of Obwalden in Switzerland

Country Switzerland Obwalden coat of arms
Capital Sarnen
Language(s) German
Abbreviation OW
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Area 491 km²189.576 sqmi
Highest point Titlis 3,238 m2.012 miles
10,623.36 ft
Lowest point Lake Lucerne 434 m0.27 miles
1,423.885 ft
Population 34,429 (2008)
Density 70.12 /km²181.603 /sqmi
Other Data
Districts 0
Municipalities 7
Website www.OW.ch
Canton Map
Detail map of Obwalden
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[edit] General information

[edit] Geographic information

Obwalden (French: Obwald) is a canton in the center of Switzerland. The canton contains the geographical centre of the country. The canton is relatively small and has no subdivisions. The canton only contains 7 different municipalities.

The canton mainly consists of forests and wooded areas (~ 40%) and agricultural occupations (~40%). Around 17% is classed as unproductive and contains rivers, mountains and glaciers. Lakes in the canton include: parts of Lake Lucerne, Lake Sarnen, Lungerersee, Wichelsee, Tannensee and Melchsee. Part of the Bernese Alps (Urner Alps) run through Obwalden with Titlis () being the highest mountain.

[edit] General mountaineering information

Tourism is a main asset of Obwalden with one quarter of the population directly or indirectly employed in the tourism sector. Two of the mountains, namely Pilatus and Titlis, are the main attractions

In the winter, Obwalden is a popular skiing and snowboarding location. The main resorts are Engelberg, Melchsee-Frutt, Lungern-Schönbüel, Mörlialp and Langis. During the summer, hiking and mountaineering are the main attractions.

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