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Photo of the Mettelhorn
The final climb to the Mettelhorn summit

Elevation 3,406 m11,174.541 ft
2.116 miles
Location Valais, Switzerland
Range Pennine Alps
Massif Weisshorn Group
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DMS Coor. 46°3´26"N, 7°44´33"E
Swiss Coor. 623516 / 100678
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Topo. Map SLK 1328: Randa
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Mettelhorn (Switzerland )


[edit] General information

The Mettelhorn mountain starts to rise up from the town of Randa, but is very often climbed from Zermat. The path net starting from Zermat is more popular, as it leads on the other mountains too. There are a few paths at the north and east side of the mountain. Nearest mountain to Mettelhorn is the Platthorn, which often gets climbed same time. Further at the south side is the Wisshorn mountain. All the three mountains can be walked up with some mountaineering experience. At the north side is the Weisshorn mountain and at the east side the Dom mountain. Also at the seeing distance are the Dufourspitze and Matterhorn mountains. When starting from Zermat one needs to be prepared to gover the Hochlicht Gletscher/ glacier. Crampons are good to have with. Mettelhorn is also used for acclimatizing, before going on higher mountains.

[edit] ROUTES

There are a few routes leading on this mountain, but the Edelweiss path is the most popular. One the reason is the possibility to eat in one of the accommodation places on the route.


Southern route starts from Zermat. One can start from the Alpine Center and continue on the main street about 100 m and turn towards right. One walks first up a few stairs, before reaching a meadow. Here is good sign posting, like on other main path routes on the Pennine Alps. The path one should follow now is called the Edelweiss path. Direction is towards north. One can also see a house higher on the cliffs, which is Pension Edelweiss. It has been used by many famous climbers. One ascends about one hour through a forest, before reaching the pension. From here the path starts to go through a canyon like a terrain and after one more hour one will reach the Hotel Trift. From the hotel one starts to go towards right/ north east. When one is on the saddle, which is called Furggi pass one is also at close distance to the north face belonging to the Platthorn mountain. Here starts a glacier section between the Platthorn and Mettelhorn mountains. Weather can change quickly here, so it is good to prepared for a hard wind. It takes roughly half an hour to go over the glacier. When ascending on the Mettelhorn west face one needs to pay attention for loose stones, as one most often does not go alone on this popular mountain. Some scramble on the top.

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