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Grisons (fr)
Grigioni (it)
Grischun (rm)

Map of Graubünden

Country Switzerland Graubünden coat of arms
Capital Chur
Language(s) German, Italian,
Abbreviation GR
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Area 7,105 km²2,743.255 sqmi
Highest point Piz Bernina 4,049 m2.516 miles
13,284.121 ft
Lowest point Ticino 260 m0.162 miles
853.018 ft
Population 188,762 (2007)
Density 26.567 /km²68.807 /sqmi
Other Data
Districts 11
Municipalities 213
canton Map
Detail map of Graubünden
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Graubünden (French: Grisons; Swiss German: Graubünda; Italian: Grigioni; Romansh: Grischun) is the largest and easternmost canton of Switzerland adjoining Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. The name Graubünden translates as "Grey Leagues," referring to the canton's origin in three local alliances, the League of God's House, the Grey League, and the League of Ten Jurisdictions.

There are many significant elevations in the Grison Alps, including the Tödi at 3,614m and the highest peak Piz Bernina at 4,049m. Many of the mountain ranges feature extensive glaciers, such as at the Adula, the Albula, the Silvretta, the Bernina, the Bregaglia and the Rätikon ranges. The mountain ranges in the central area are very deep, some of which are considered the deepest valleys in Europe. These valleys were originally settled by the Raetians (Rhaeti).

Canton Graubünden is divided into 11 Districts. They tend to follow the natural boundaries of the landscape. The districts are further subdivided into 39 sub-districts (German: Kreise):

  • Albula with the sub-districts Alvaschein, Belfort, Bergün and Surses
  • Bernina with the sub-districts Brusio and Poschiavo
  • Hinterrhein with the sub-districts Avers, Domleschg, Rheinwald, Schams and Thusis
  • Imboden with the sub-districts Trins and Rhäzüns
  • Inn with the sub-districts Ramosch, Sur Tasna, Suot Tasna and Val Müstair
  • Landquart with the sub-districts Maienfeld and Fünf Dörfer
  • Maloja with the sub-districts Bergell and Oberengadin
  • Moesa with the sub-districts Calanca, Misox and Roveredo
  • Plessur with the sub-districts Chur, Churwalden and Schanfigg
  • Prättigau/Davos with the sub-districts Davos, Jenaz, Klosters, Küblis, Luzein, Schiers and Seewis
  • Surselva with the sub-districts Disentis, Ilanz, Lumnezia/Lugnez, Ruis and Safien
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