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Photo of theEwigschneefeld
Ewigschneefeld from top of Mönch

Type Glacier
Altitude 2,780 m9,120.735 ft
1.727 miles
Location Valais, Switzerland
Range Bernese Alps
Valley Aletsch Valley
Glacier Data
Length 8 km4.971 miles
Surface 9.5 km²3.668 sqmi
Nearby Features

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Alpinist's Info
Topo. Map SLK 1249: Finsteraarhorn
Ewigschneefeld (Switzerland )
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[edit] General information

The Ewigschneefeld (Eternal snow field), is one of the three main arms (that converge at Concordia) of the Aletsch Glacier. It flows from its northern mouth and its starting point takes the east flank of the Mönchs. In an elbow, it flanks from Trugberg in the west and the Fiescherhorn and Grünhorn in the east, flowing on to the Concordia. Up to here, it is about 8 km long and averages about 1.2 km wide. Its mouth at Concordiafollows over a rise with a descent from 25 to 30 percent; here, the glacier is sharply split. Against the north is the Ewigschneefeld over the snow-covered pass of the Lower Mönchsjochs (3,529 m high), connected with the catchment area of the Lower Grindelwald Glacier. Through the Higher Mönchsjoch (3,627 m high) between the Mönch and the Trugberg stands a connection to the Jungfraufirn.

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