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This page is about a Swiss semi-district. For other uses see Raron.

East Raron
Östlich Raron (de)
Rarogne oriental (fr)

Map of East Raron
Location of East Raron in Valais

Country Switzerland
Canton Valais
Capital Mörel-Filet
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Area 127.2 km²49.112 sqmi
Population 3,009 (2010)
Density 23.656 /km²61.266 /sqmi
Other Data
Municipalities 7
Detail District Map
Detail map of East Raron
Municipalities in East Raron with the capital highlighted
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[edit] General information

East Raron (French: Rarogne oriental, German: Östlich Raron) is a semi-district in the canton of Valais in southern Switzerland. It is geographically separated from its western counterpart by the district of Brig. It consists of the following municipalities:

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