Dauphiné Alps

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Dauphiné Alps
Alpi del Delfinato (it)
Alpes du Dauphiné (fr)

Photo of the Dauphiné Alps
The Dauphiné Alps (Barre des Écrins in the center) from the sky

Part of Western European Alps
Continent Europe
Location Hautes-Alpes, France
Isère, France
Savoie, France
Highest Point Barre des Écrins (4,102 m13,458.005 ft
2.549 miles

Map of the Dauphiné Alps
Dauphiné Alps located in the Western European Alps

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[edit] General information

[edit] Geographic information

The Dauphiné Alps (French: Alpes du Dauphiné, Italian: Alpi del Delfinato) are a group of mountain ranges in southeastern France, west of the main chain of the European Alps. They are separated from the Cottian Alps in the east by the Col du Galibier and the upper Durance valley; from the western Graian Alps (Vanoise Massif) in the north by the river Arc; from the lower ranges Vercors Plateau and Chartreuse Mountains in the west by the rivers Drac and Isère.

The whole range is drained by the Rhône river through its tributaries.

Many peaks rise to more than (3,000 m) and some to more than 4,000m, with Barre des Écrins being the highest mountain.

The Dauphiné Alps Alps are subdivided into several subgroups:

Schematic overview of the Dauphiné Alps

[edit] General mountainering information

The majority of the Dauphiné Alps are located inside the Écrins National Park. The national park protects the authentic atmosphere and makes it a very enjoyable mountaineering location. Inside the park, there are few roads and few skilifts, giving the alpinist a real sense of remoteness.

The Dauphiné Alps are perhaps one of the best locations to conduct alpinism in Europe just behind the Pennine Alps in Switzerland and the Graian Alps in France. With many mountains having an altitude close to the 4,000 m mark and the range being the most southern one of the European Alps with a mountain higher than 4,000 m, the Dauphiné Alps offer excellent mountaineering opportunities in the most beautiful weather possible.

[edit] Overviews

[edit] Overview of the summits

Mountain Elevation Prominence Country Location Massif Range

[edit] Overview of the cols and passes

Pass Elevation Country Location Range Massif Pass Members

[edit] Overview of all the routes

Mountain Hei. Route Dif. Dur. (h) Type Rock ° Valley Hut Maps

Hei.:Height, Dif.: Difficulty, Dur.: Duration: Meters from hut to summit
Summit map is always listed first. If a map is used for 2 km and another map for 1 km, the 2 km map will be listed before the 1 km map. Overview of the Swiss maps & Italian maps.

[edit] Overview of the mountain huts

Hut Hut Type Massif Elevation Places Hut Phone Nr Starting Valley/Village(s)
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