Cottian Alps

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Cottian Alps
Alpes Cottiennes (fr)
Alpi Cozie (it)

Photo of the Cottian Alps
Monte Viso, the highest peak of the Cottian Alps

Part of Western European Alps
Continent Europe
Location Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France
Savoie, France
Piemonte, Italy
Highest Point Monte Viso ()

Map of the Cottian Alps
Cottian Alps located in the Western European Alps

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[edit] General information

[edit] Geographic information

The Cottian Alps (French: Alpes Cottiennes, Italian: Alpi Cozie) are a mountain range in the south-western part of the European Alps. They form the border between France (Hautes-Alpes and Savoie) and Italy (Piemonte). The Maddalena Pass separates them from the Maritime Alps; the Col du Mont Cenis separates them from the Graian Alps; the Col du Galibier separates them from the Dauphiné Alps.

The Cottian Alps are drained by the rivers Durance and Arc and their tributaries on the French side; by the Dora Riparia and other tributaries of the Po on the Italian side.

The Cottian Alps are subdivided into several subgroups:

Schematic overview of the Cottian Alps

[edit] General mountaineering information

The Cottian Alps are a very diverse mountaineering region. The summer offers alpinism on the Monte Viso and other mountains over 3,000 m. In the southern and eastern part of the Cottian Alps, there are many via ferrata ranging in difficulty from very easy to very strenuous. In the winter, the Queyras region offers a wide diversity of frozen waterfalls and couloirs that can be climbed. Again, difficulties ranging from easy to very strenuous (I to VI). The Queyras is a region where groups of both novices and experts can have a excellent ice climbing experience.

The Cottian Alps are also home to some ski resorts, small ski resorts in comparison to the huge resorts seen more to the north in the Vanoise massif. The Queyras is a region frequently crossed during the winter by ski-touring groups, partly due to the relatively large flat plateau in the Queyras and the beautiful views the valley offers.

The Cottian Alps are frequently visited by cyclists during the summer. Some of the most famous cycling cols such as the Col du Galibier are located in the Cottian Alps.

[edit] Overviews

[edit] Overview of the summits

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[edit] Overview of the cols and passes

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[edit] Overview of all the routes

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[edit] Overview of the mountain huts

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