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Angels Landing

Photo of the Angels Landing
Angels Landing in the background

Elevation 5,784 ft1,762.963 m
1.095 miles
Prominence 1,488 ft453.542 m
0.282 miles
Location Utah,
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DMS Coor. 37°16´10"N, 112°56´53"W
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Nothing nearby
Alpinist's Info
Easiest Route Template:Class 3

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[edit] General information

Angels Landing (3,763 m) (aka Angel's Landing or Angels' Landing) is a rock formation measuring around 450m tall in Zion National Park in southern Utah. The trail that leads to the top of Angels Landing is regarded as one of the most spectacular and breathtaking in the entire National Park System.

[edit] Routes

The easiest and most popular way up top is the 2.5 mile class 3 Angels Landing Trail that leaves the Grotto Picnic Area shuttle stop (4298') on the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. The first 2 miles are up the mostly paved West Rim Trail including many switchbacks (hiking down this trail gives you the impression that some trails do indeed impact the environment much more than rock climbing bolts, pitons, etc.). Walters Wiggles, as these last turns are called, is one of the park's construction wonders. This trail was cut into solid rock in 1926. Eventually you reach the Scout Lookout (5350') where you can see the last 0.5 miles up the Angels Landing Trail, along the Northwest Rib. This is a class 3 trail comprised of a hiking trail improved with chains for better handholds. The exposure in some areas is over 1000' feet making a fall fatal (very rare). You'll want to get up here first thing in the morning for any solitude since the summit is small and the visitors are legion. From the summit, you have a spectacular view on the valley and its Virgin River. Climbing to the Scout Lookout and back will take 2-2.5h, the roundtrip to the summit wil take 3-4h. F

[edit] Getting there

Take UT SR-9 to Zion National Park and depending on the time of year stop at the South or East Entrance and take the shuttle or drive into the park on UT SR-9 and turn north on to Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. The trailhead is off the Zion Canyon Secnic Drive on the west side just 0.5 miles north of Zion Lodge (4276'). It is accessible via shuttle from March 28 to late October. Private vehicles are not allowed during this time so you should park at the visitor centers and take the shuttle between 6:30am and 11:00pm. See the National Park Transportation Page for more information and schedules. If you are staying at the Zion Lodge you can park at the Lodge which is just 0.5 miles south of the Grotto reached by 2 hiking paths on either side of the North Fork of the Virgin River.

[edit] Additional Photos

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