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Allalinhorn: South-West Ridge from Britannia Hut (edit infobox)
Summit Approach
Summit Allalinhorn (4,027 m2.502 miles
13,211.942 ft
Valley base(s) Saas Fee (1,800 m1.118 miles
5,905.512 ft
Route Type Snow and Rock (6.5 h) Hut Britannia Hut (3,030 m1.883 miles
9,940.945 ft
Difficulty Rating PD PD Difficulty Rating F F
Height Gains Hut - Summit: 997 m0.62 miles
3,270.997 ft
    -    Valley - Hut: 1230 m0.764 miles
4,035.433 ft
    -    Valley - Summit: 2227 m1.384 miles
7,306.43 ft
Useful Maps SLK 1328: Randa, SLK 1329: Saas (Maps)
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