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Photo of the Agassizhorn
Agassizhorn (left) and Finsteraarhorn (right) seen from the SW side

Elevation 3,946 m12,946.194 ft
2.452 miles
Prominence 197 m0.122 miles
646.325 ft
Location Valais, Switzerland
Berne (canton), Switzerland
Range Bernese Alps
Massif Finsteraarhorn Group
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DMS Coor. 46°32´47.69"N, 8°6´51.98"E
Swiss Coor. 651833 / 155265
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Nearby Features
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Alpinist's Info
Base(s) Fieschertal, Grimselpass, Grindelwald, Jungfraujoch, Münster
Hut(s) Finsteraarhorn Hut
Topo. Map SLK 1249: Finsteraarhorn
Easiest Route Rating PD- PD-
Agassizhorn (Switzerland )


[edit] General information

The Agassizhorn (3,946 m12,946.194 ft
2.452 miles
) is a mountain in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland, on the border between the canton of Valais and Berne. The Agassizhorn is part of the Finsteraarhorn Group and is located north of the Finsteraarhorn and is separated from the Finsteraarhorn by the Agassizjoch. Seen from the S side the mountain appears snowy and easy accessible, the N side however is very steep en rocky.

The mountain was first climbed in 1872 by W. Coolidge with U. Almer and C. Inäbnit.

The mountain is named after glacier scientist Louis Agassiz (1807-1873).

[edit] Routes

[edit] South-East Ridge/Flank (PD-)

Agassizhorn: South-East Ridge (edit infobox)
Summit Approach
Summit Agassizhorn (3,946 m2.452 miles
12,946.194 ft
Valley base(s) Fieschertal, Grimselpass, Grindelwald, Jungfraujoch, Münster
Route Type Snow (3.5 h) Hut Finsteraarhorn Hut (3,048 m1.894 miles
10,000 ft
Difficulty Rating PD- PD- Difficulty Rating F F
Height Gains Hut - Summit: 898 m0.558 miles
2,946.194 ft
Useful Maps SLK 1249: Finsteraarhorn (Maps)
#1: Topo of the SE ascent routes of the Agassizhorn

From the Finsteraarhorn Hut follow the east side of the Walliser Fiescherfirn to the foot of a rockrib coming from the Finsteraarhorn at Pt.3,105m. Now turn to the N and continue in a NE direction up a crevassed firnhang (snow/ice mixture) coming down between the Agassizhorn and the Finsteraarhorn. Take a route slightly more to the left than you would normally take to reduce ice fall risks in the middle portion of this ascent.

At an altitude of around 3,600m you can either take the steep S flank all the way to the summit or continue straight on all the way up to Agassizjoch. From Agassizjoch take a direct line on the firn ridge towards the summit. Both alternative routes have the same difficulty level and both take around 3.5h.

[edit] Overview

Route Name Hei. Dif. Dur. (h) Type Rock ° Valley Hut S. Gain Maps
Agassizhorn: South-East Ridge 3,946 m2.452 miles
12,946.194 ft
CPD- 3.5 Snow Fieschertal, Grimselpass, Grindelwald, Jungfraujoch, Münster Finsteraarhorn Hut 898 m0.558 miles
2,946.194 ft

Hei.:Height, Dif.: Difficulty, Dur.: Duration, S. Gain: Meters from hut to summit
Summit map is always listed first. If a map is used for 2 km and another map for 1 km, the 2 km map will be listed before the 1 km map. Overview of the Swiss maps & Italian maps.

[edit] Multiday suggestions

For multiday suggestions: see Finsteraarhorn Hut

[edit] Additional photos

[edit] Recommended books

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      Bernese Oberland: Selected Climbs (Alpine Club Guides) by Les Swindin

      Bernese Oberland East: Interlaken - Grindelwald - Meiringen (Rother Walking Guide) by Daniel Anker

      The Bernese Alps: A Walker's Guide (Cicerone Guide) by Kev Reynolds

      Alpine Climbing: Techniques to Take You Higher (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert) by Cathy Cosley

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